Volume 38, June 2012

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Papers & Presentations

George J. Pierson

George J. Pierson (New York) was interviewed by CNN for “Missing: Minority Scientists and Engineers,” discussing why science/technology/engineering/mathematics education matters. Parsons Brinckerhoff is a founding member of the Engineering Success Alliance at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Pierson's alma mater. The alliance focuses on supporting students in the study of mathematics during the first part of their college careers by providing them with a math tutor/mentor, followed by internships at Parsons Brinckerhoff and other firms in the latter half of the students' college careers. View the segment.


Colin Chung

Colin Chung (Hong Kong) presented “Distributed Energy Design Consideration and the Future” at the China Towngas conference in Suzhou, China, in February.

During the first quarter of 2012, employees from the Hong Kong office have delivered career talks at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the University of Hong Kong. Thomas Chan, accompanied by Jason Chan, Venice Hung, and Peter Wong of the Professional Growth Network, presented to more than 100 engineering students. Also in attendance were Fanny Wong, Jenny Sum, Rita Wong, and Bill Chung from the Human Resources team.

Mark Bessoudo

Mark Bessoudo (Toronto-Halsall) published “LEED Canada for Existing Buildings” in the Spring 2012 issue of Toronto Focus, a publication of the Canada Green Building Council's Ontario chapter.

Several Parsons Brinckerhoff water specialists presented technical papers at Ozwater 2012, organized by the Australian Water Association, in Sydney in May:

  • Geoff Frost (Southbank, Victoria): “Treatment of High DOC/TDS Industrial Wastewater by Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis”;
  • Nadia Jebbour (Perth): “Securing Safe Drinking Water for Remote Indigenous Communities in Western Australia”;
  • Vincent Pilot (Perth): “The Use of Caisson Tanks for Wastewater Emergency Storage at Constrained Sites”;
  • Ali Torbaty (Sydney): “Modelling of Air Transport Via Sewer Drop Shafts”; and
  • Liz Pattison (Perth): “Water Quality Management for Remote Indigenous Communities”


Cliff Henke

Cliff Henke (Los Angeles) was interviewed for “International BRT Update” published in the April/May 2012 issue of Mass Transit magazine.

Roy Cook

Roy Cook (Los Angeles) published “Big Accomplishment,” about the Willamette River Combined Sewer Overflow Tunnel Program in Portland, Oregon, in the May 2012 issue of Civil Engineering. Cook's co-authors were Paul Gribbon, formerly with Portland's Bureau of Environmental Services, and Bill Mariucci of the Kiewit Infrastructure West Company, a subsidiary of the Kiewit Corporation.


Vijay Chandra


John Kim

Vijay Chandra (Herndon) and John Kim (New York) published “Recycled Routes,” about the use of thermoplastics in construction, in the April 2012 issue of Civil Engineering. Their co-author was Tom Nosker of the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

The Safe Routes to School walk in Indianapolis, April 27, 2012. U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood (far right), with his daughter, walked his grandson to school.

Jennifer Pyrz

Jennifer Pyrz (Indianapolis) participated in the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) walk in April in Indianapolis. Safe Routes to School is a nationwide initiative in the U.S. to help make walking to school safe and routine. As a concerned parent, Pyrz assisted St. Thomas Aquinas school with winning SRTS grants which resulted in improvements to sidewalks, signing and painting in the neighborhood around the school. She has also been active in helping them set up programs to improve safety and increase participation in walking and biking to school. At the April event, Pyrz and other parents and grandparents were joined by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. For more on Indiana's program visit http://www.in.gov/indot/2355.htm, and for the federal program visit http://www.saferoutesinfo.org/.


Kirsten Foy

Kirsten Foy (Dublin) spoke to more than 100 female students in Dublin as part of a week of events organized by Engineers Ireland (the largest engineering institute in Ireland) aimed at raising the profile of engineering and encouraging more second-level students to consider engineering as a career. She also participated in an event run by Dublin Institute Technology's WAVES (Women, A Voice in Engineering Society); the event was a female role model day and she spoke to girls from all over the country about careers in engineering and provided advice about choosing an employer—recommending Parsons Brinckerhoff!

Top to bottom: Tony Appleton, Daniel Pelluz, Kimberley Dewhirst

Richard Wearmouth, Emma Toulson, Tony Appleton, and Daniel Pelluz represented Parsons Brinckerhoff at the European Wind Energy Association conference in Copenhagen in April. Pelluz presented a poster and accompanying paper, “Wind Resource Assessment and Spatial Planning Criteria,” co-authored by Kimberley Dewhirst, which explored the different issues that affect a planner's final decision about setting aside areas for wind energy exploitation with respect to onshore wind farms and examined the engagement between them. (All are in the Newcastle upon Tyne office).

Mike Wood

Colin Moar

Mike Wood (Denver) and Colin Moar (Portland, Oregon) hosted a healthcare webinar with John Wood of the American Society for Healthcare Engineering of the American Hospital Association, on health care legislation and how it will affect commissioning and retro-commissioning of medical facilities. The webinar was organized by Planon, a scanner manufacturer.

Cathy Connor


Bernie McNeilly

Cathy Connor (Washington, D.C.) was interviewed by Engineering News-Record (ENR) in April for “New Three-Month Highway-Transit Extension Signed into Law.” Also in April, Bernie McNeilly (Lawrenceville, New Jersey) was interviewed for “Slow Economy Yields 'No Major Growth' for Design Firms.”


Nick Flew

Transportation Professional, the magazine of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation, excerpted portions of “Infrastructure Funding & Delivery: An Action Plan for Change”, produced by Parsons Brinckerhoff and Balfour Beatty, with the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation (CIHT), to investigate new and innovative methods of funding transport infrastructure for the UK. Key employees involved were David Carter and Richard Wigginton (both in Exeter). Nick Flew (London) was also involved in launching it with Geoff Allister, who was the CIHT President at that time.

Gary Griggs (front row, second from right) and Brian Van Weele (right).

Ashok Kothari

Brian Van Weele (San Francisco) presented “Singapore Deep Tunnel Sewerage System” and Ashok Kothari (Los Angeles) presented “East London Line Extension” at Stanford University's Global Infrastructure Projects Seminar, a course taught by Gary Griggs (San Francisco).

David Ungemah (Denver) presented “Managed Lanes: More than a Revenue Tool” at the 2012 Charlotte Chamber Transportation Summit,” in April in Charlotte, North Carolina. Listen to the presentation.

Top row, left to right: Stephanie Oslick, Robin Christians, Bryan Porter, Jeff Paul © 2011 DAVID SAILORS
Bottom row, left to right: Larissa Rawlins, Stephanie Sprague, Valerie Birch, Darrel Cole

Parsons Brinckerhoff was well represented at the National Association of Environmental Professionals conference in Portland, Oregon, in May with several employees giving presentations:

  • Stephanie Oslick (Orange) and Robin Christians (contributor, Denver): “Streamlining the Environmental Mitigation Compliance Process Using Digital Technology.” Oslick also served as moderator for “NEPA and High-Speed Passenger Rail: Risk Reduction Using Robust Analysis and Other Tools” and presented Examples of Expediting and Streamlining the NEPA and Permitting Processes.” Bryan Porter and Jeff Paul contributed.
  • Larissa Rawlins and James Hayes (contributor): “Visualizing the Thirty Meter Telescope”;
  • Stephanie Sprague: “Assessing Visual Impacts of Commercial Air Tours Over America's National Parks”;
  • Valerie Birch: Moderator, “Effective Strategies for Successful Public Engagement”;
  • Darrell Cole: “Social Media at the Project Level—Connections that Count”; and
  • Nancy Skinner: Moderator, “Categorical Exclusions—The Workhorse of NEPA.”

Shane Peck

Shane Peck (New Orleans), in his role as Senior Communications Coordinator on the Huey P. Long Bridge Widening Project in New Orleans, gave numerous interviews to the media during a celebratory event in April that marked a traffic shift to move motorists from the bridge's old lanes to new wider lanes in each direction.

Parsons Brinckerhoff is leading construction management on the Huey P. Long Bridge, part of the Louisiana TIMED program, for which Parsons Brinckerhoff has been providing program management services since 2002.

Since the bridge opened in 1935, drivers have been using two notoriously narrow lanes. In 2006, shortly after Hurricane Katrina, work began on a USD $1.2 billion project to expand the driving surface to three wider lanes in each direction with shoulders. Demolition of the old lanes began April 30, 2012. When complete in 2013, the Huey P. Long Bridge Widening Project will include three 3.4-meter (11-foot) lanes in each direction and 2.4-meter (8-foot) outside and 0.6-meter (2-foot) inside shoulders. The total width will more than double from the current 5.5-meter- (18-foot-) wide driving surface to a 13-meter- (43-foot-) wide driving surface.

Because of the historic nature of the traffic switch, a contest was held to randomly select the last member of the public to ride on the old lanes—in vintage vehicles from the early 1900s—and the first to ride on the new lanes. Nearly 1,900 people entered the drawing called “Last on the Lanes, First to the Future.” All four New Orleans television stations and the daily newspaper covered the final ride and many turned out to watch.